Please be advised that the live integration ID you are using is for standalone payments (creating invoices from your Accept dashboard. You can check this video for more clarification)

Case 1: You don't have any test integration IDs

You need to create test integration IDs for the methods you need for your website, from your Accept Dashboard, you can add a new test integration ID from the Payment Integration tab as shown in the screenshots below.

Case 2: You already have test integration IDs

If you have already created the test integration for the methods needed, now you can integrate these Test integration ID/IDs (XXXX).

When you finish integrating the test IDs on your website, just let us know so we can test your website from our side.

If everything is working fine, we will refer your request to the Operations Team to create Live ID/IDs that you can use on your website to receive live transactions.

Note: You can check all the integration IDs you have on your account using Accept's Dashboard, as shown in the screenshots below (Reaching Step 3)