1- Go to your "accept dashboard" for then click on the "Payment Integrations" tab then click add.

2- Choose the type to be Card and Currency to be "EGP", and enable the "Use Shopify" Slider.

You will do the same steps to create integration IDs for the other payment methods like Kiosk, Wallet, and for Value (Please contact our technical support on support@paymob.com).

3- You can add our payment methods to your Shopify account by

-Clicking here (for the online card).
-Clicking here (for kiosk).
-Clicking here (for Wallet).
-Clicking here (for Premium).
-Clicking here (for Valu). ( Will Require the Private App creation "Scroll down past step 7" )

4- It will redirect to log in to your Shopify account then proceed adding the desired payment gateway, you can also find it in the third-party provider tab or in the alternative payment tab.

5- The user data you will need to enter into Shopify is:

Username: This is the username you use to log in to your Accept portal.

Secret Key: You can find that key in the settings tabs on your Accept
dashboard "HMAC".

6- When adding credentials if "Enable Test Mode" is checked you can perform test transactions on the test environment using the following card details.

7- After finishing all the previous installation steps, please refer to your sales owner to create you a live integration ID after finalizing all your contractual procedures.

8- Once you receive the live integration ID, you can disable the "Test Mode" on your Shopify settings to be able to perform transactions in the live environment.

  For Shopify Valu integration only you will need to do the steps below.

  Create a private app, please follow the guide here,

 Then you will need to create a private app on your website with a "read and write access                    permission to: Orders, transactions, and fulfillment".

    Please send us the following information at Support@paymob.com
       -API key
       -Password for the private app
       -The Example URL from the private app
       -Storefront access token
       -Valu Iframe ID (contact us to create one from our side)

9- If you select the checkbox for Test Account when adding the credentials you can test payments using the below test card:

Card Number 51234567890123464987654321098769
Cardholder Name Test AccountTest Account
Expiry Month 0505
Expiry Year 2121
CVV 123123

10- For live mode *please uncheck the test box. (This will only work when you complete your contractual procedures then we will generate your live ID).

11- for more reference kindly check our guidance video from here