In order to integrate your Shopify store with Accept kindly follow the steps below:

1- Go to your "accept dashboard" for then click on the "Payment Integrations" tab then click add.

2- Choose the type to be Card and Currency to be "EGP", and enable the "Use Shopify" Slider.

3- Then, You can add our payment gateway to your Shopify account by clicking here.

4- It will prompt you to log in to your Shopify account and then proceed to add the gateway called "Accept - Card".

5- The user data you need to enter into Shopify are:

    - Username: This is the username you use to log into the Accept Portal.

    -Secret Key: You can find this from the settings tabs on your Accept dashboard HMAC.

6- If you select the checkbox for Test Account when adding the credentials you can test payments using the below test card:

Card Number 51234567890123464987654321098769
Cardholder Name Test AccountTest Account
Expiry Month 0505
Expiry Year 2121
CVV 123123

7- For live mode *please uncheck the test box. (This will only work when you complete your contractual procedures then we will generate your live ID).